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In obstructive diseases of action lies principally in the airways, the inflammation inhibition, prevention or a decrease in the severity of mucosal edema, reduction of eosinophil infiltration submucosal bronchial epithelium layer and deposition in the bronchial mucosa of circulating immune complexes, as well as braking and erozirovaniya desquamation mucosa. It increases the sensitivity of the […]


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When administered intravenously, the drug concentration of doxorubicin in plasma and area under the curve “concentration-time” otnosyaschieya preferably a pegylated liposomal doxorubicin.The pharmacokinetic profile of the drug indicates that doxorubicin clearance from the blood plasma determined liposomal carrier. Doxorubicin primobolan only cycle is only available after the liposomes of the vascular bed and their penetration into […]

primobolan steroid

Hypersensitivity, primobolan steroid deficiency of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, pseudomembranous colitis, children’s age (up to 18 years – the completion of the formation of the skeleton), pregnancy, lactation. Be wary – pronounced cerebral atherosclerosis, stroke, mental disorders, convulsions, epilepsy, severe renal and / or hepatic insufficiency, elderly age. Administered intravenously. The drug should be administered intravenously over 30 […]

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Combined preparation for correction of water and electrolyte composition of the blood, removing metabolic acidosis and normalization of acid-base status. Shock (comprehensive treatment), thermal injury, acute blood loss; hypohydration (isotonic and hypotonic form). Etabolic acidosis (including acute intestinal infections with dehydration). Acute primobolan for sale diffuse peritonitis. Ileus (for the correction of fluid and electrolyte balance). […]