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primobolan depot

Intensive anti-dandruff shampoo with peeling effect.
Combats constant dandruff. Deep cleans and soothes the scalp.
Severe or persistent dandruff. Intense itching.
Technology mikrootshelushivaniya the effectively eliminates dandruff and regulates the exfoliation process. Cleansing primobolan depotrestores the natural balance of the skin of the scalp and prevents the re-occurrence of perhoti.Vitamin PP significantly reduces pruritus.

Use tool twice a week for 3 weeks. Add shampoo course KERIUM Micro-Exfoliating Anti-Dandruff Shampoo . For frequent use: Shampoo-cream for dry hair shampoo primobolan depotĀ or gel for oily hair.

Already after the first application significantly reduces the amount of dandruff, reduces itching. After three weeks of use the skin of the scalp for a long time is cleared, and six weeks after treatment, the skin is not dandruff. The result: healthy and full of life hair.

Efficiency proven in clinical studies under dermatological control trichologist. Study participants praised shampoo cosmetic properties:

  • shiny hair – 92%;
  • elastic primobolan depotĀ hair – 90%;
  • easy to styling – 84%.

Product form
Bottle 125 ml

Terms of vacation
without a prescription.

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