Fatty oil from the seeds of the castor bean plant cultivated, the family Euphorbiaceae. Clear, thick, viscous and colorless or slightly yellowish liquid.

Pharmacological properties:

When ingestion split lipase in the small intestine to form ricinoleic acid, which causes irritation of receptors of the intestine and reflexive increased peristalsis. The primobolan laxative effect usually occurs after 5-6 hours. When taken castor oil there is also a reflex contraction of the uterine muscle.

Indications for use:

constipation. In obstetric practice used to stimulate uterine activity (at the weakness of labor).


individual intolerance, pregnancy. Do not use as a laxative in cases of poisoning fat-soluble substances primobolan (phosphorus, benzene, etc.) And an extract of male fern.

Dosage and administration:

as a laxative for adults – 15-30 grams (1-2 tablespoons), children – 5-15 g (tea, dessert or tablespoon) to the reception. For induction of labor at 30-40g in combination with quinine, pituitrinom and other means.

Side effect:

Allergic reactions primobolan are possible.

Product form:

and 50 to 30 g glass vials.

Storage conditions:

in a cool, dark place, out of reach of children.

Shelf life:

use no later than the date specified on the package.

Conditions of supply of pharmacies:

available without a prescription.

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